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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Google Maps Syncing to OnStar

Toward the end of the month, GM announced people with active OnStar accounts will be able to send driving directions directly to their in-car navigation system using Google Maps. This will make programming directions into the in-car navigation system much more user-friendly, which at times can be frustrating. OnStar has also announced an app for Google's phone operating system called Android, which will add functionality to the Chevrolet Volt. Installing the app on your phone will give you the ability to unlock, start, monitor battery charge, charging status, and range. Google maps has also been included into the Volt OnStar Mobile app, allowing the user to locate their vehicle and easily upload route information. Hopefully in the future our phones will become much more integrated with our vehicles, adding to the convenience of the entire driving experience. Watch the video below for a cool hands on demonstration.
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