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Thursday, June 17, 2010

GM to Announce the Completion the Chevrolet Volt

At the end of June, GM is expected to announce the completion of the Chevrolet Volt, meaning the vehicle is ready for the production line. Engineers stated they are working on some of the last programming issues. The feat doesn't sound easy, especially in a car containing so many electronic components. The driver will have a number of options to change their driving experience, including mountain and sport mode as well as eco and comfort settings.

Even with all the innovative features, the Volt is still an extended range electric vehicle at its core. It will be capable of going a distance of 40 miles on a full charge and remain running as long as the generator has fuel. According to Chevrolet, three-quarters of American commuters will be able to complete their drive to work without using any gas. Though the Volt will be ready for production, Chevrolet engineers stated they will put thousands of test miles on the vehicles in the next few months.

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