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Monday, April 15, 2019

Partnering with M-DOG to help fund a new covered shelter

Roy Robinson has partnered with M-DOG to raise funds for a covered shelter at the Strawberry Fields Rover Off-Leash Park. During the month of April 2019, Roy Robinson will be donating $15 to M-DOG for every new Subaru sold. M-DOG President Doug Buell was at the display in the Subaru showroom with Finance Manager, Bev Cain, and Sales Rep, Cory Hymas. Over the years, Roy Robinson has been a big dog-lovin' supporter of the dog park and Marysville Poochapalooza.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Subaru EyeSight vs Minions

In this video we test the Subaru EyeSight against the Minions. What do you think will happen? Check out the video below to see how EyeSight stands up to its reputation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Chevy 100th Anniversary Truck Show

Roy Robinson Chevrolet hosted its first annual car show on May 12, 2018.  This one was themed, "100 Years of Chevy Trucks" in celebration of Chevy's 100th truck anniversary.

If you weren't able to make it to the show, here were just a few of the highlights from the event.  It was a great turnout with over 80 vehicles.  Hope to see you next year!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Share the Love Event

As part of the "Share the Love" event from Nov.16th 2017 - Jan. 2rd 2018, customers who purchased or leased a new Subaru vehicle could select from a list of charities to receive a $250 donation from Subaru of America. Roy Robinson Subaru has participated in the program since its inception 10 years ago. With your help, we were able to raise $50,164 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Alaska and Washington which was evenly spread across all wishes, including Aidan's Adventure to Berlin.  Thank you all for your support in helping make such wonderful wishes come true!

Aidan’s Adventure to Berlin

Nine-year-old Aidan gets a special glimmer in his eyes when he talks about dinosaurs. He’s an intelligent young man and amazes many people by his knowledge of dinosaurs. And thinking about dinosaurs helped get him through the challenges that arise from a Wilm’s tumor. Aidan wished to see the world’s largest dinosaur display and dreamed of being a Junior Paleontologist for a day. After much excitement and anticipation, Aidan boarded a flight to Berlin with his mother, father, and younger brother Stellan.

This was an adventure that Aidan will never forget! Not only was Aidan completely mesmerized by the Brachiosaurus display at the Berlin museum, but he continued to jump with joy as his adventures unrolled. Aidan was invited behind the scenes of the museum to explore skulls and leg bones. He proudly walked through the museum with his tour guides and family, showing off his knowledge of dinosaurs while being completely awe-inspired by everything that surrounded him.

The museum staff gave Aidan and Stellan a book, t-shirts, backpack, and a Mosasaurus tooth. Aidan and his family left the museum filled with joy and feeling grateful for this exciting adventure together. However, it didn’t end here. Together, they explored Berlin and had quality time full of excitement, and joy. They visited a hotel with an aquarium in the lobby and Aidan especially loved watching the puffer fish. The family also went to LEGOLAND Discovery Center and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. 

This wish gave Aidan and his family time away from the realities of doctor appointments and hospital stays. Aidan was able to fully embrace his passions, explore things that bring him joy, and most importantly he made memories that he will hold onto for many years to come. It will be these moments that Aidan looks back on which will give him strength to push through the challenges he may face.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Subaru Share the Love Event

As part of the "Share the Love" event from Nov.18th 2016 - Jan. 3rd 2017 customers who purchased or leased a new Subaru vehicle could select from a list of charities to receive a $250 donation from Subaru of America. Roy Robinson Subaru has participated in the program since its inception 9 years ago. With your help, we were able to raise $51,907 for the Make-A-Wish office of Alaska and Washington!

Friday, November 18, 2016

All-New 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2

A Segment Of One

The brand new 2017 Colorado ZR2 is an off-road truck of firsts. It offers the best of both worlds with serious off-road capability, yet rides smooth in the city. Plus, it’s loaded with segment-exclusive features like Multimatic™ shocks, front and rear electronic locking differentials, and an available Duramax® 2.8L Turbo-Diesel engine.

Rugged Good Looks

The ZR2 is the ultimate off-road Colorado. It’s built ready to go off-road right from the start.

Hardcore Chassis

• Segment-first Multimatic™ shocks (DSSV)
• Purpose-built off-road suspension
• Aggressive approach, breakover and departure angles
• Tubular rocker protection

Superior Capability

• Segment-exclusive front and rear electronic locking differentials
• Wider track for more stability
• Skid plates
• Autotrac® transfer case

Functional Design

• Rock sliders
• Front and rear wheel flares
• 50 mm front and rear lift
• 90 mm wider stance for stability
• 17-inch wheels with a 31-inch overall diameter
• Available full-size bed-mounted spare tire carrier

Where The Pavement Ends, The Fun Begins

Off-Road Mode Technology allows you to seamlessly pick between Desert, Mud or Mountains. Plus, the Colorado ZR2 offers a brand new advanced 3.6L V6 engine with eight-speed transmission, in addition to the segment-exclusive Duramax® 2.8L Turbo-Diesel.  No matter what road you take, the brand new Colorado ZR2 will get you there.

All-New 2017 Chevy Bolt EV

All-Electric. All-Efficient. All Aboard.

An all-electric vehicle offering an EPA- estimated 238 miles of range per full charge for an affordable price is how we define it. But passion and persistence are the principles used to accomplish it. Designed from the inside out, each element obsessed over: From the perfectly sculpted proportions to its distinctive technology, efficiency flows all around. Because when you experience Bolt EV, the difference is in every detail. It’s this intense level of detail that earns respect, which is why Bolt EV was awarded the 2017 MotorTrend Car of the Year.®

Shaped To Perform

Defy the wind. Everything flows from the headlamps to the rear wheels. With its purposeful use of lightweight aluminum and smooth, progressive proportions, there’s nothing holding you back.

It's All. Or Everything.

This crossover does not compromise. With the best combination of interior functionality and spaciousness, you can do it all and bring everything along for the ride.

Personal Space. For Everyone.

Bolt EV uses space in an inventive way. Engineered to provide more room and advanced technology than you'll expect in an EV, form truly follows function. Whether it's more shoulder, leg and head room for your family, or more room for your stuff, everything is designed around you.

All-Electric Technology, Now An Everyday Reality

An all-electric vehicle offering an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range per full charge for an affordable price – unheard of? Not anymore.

More Range. Less Thinking About Charging.

Bolt EV offers an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range per full charge – which is five times the amount needed for the average daily commute of 40 miles. This means you could potentially go a couple of days without having to charge the battery, if you choose. Think of it as driving around on a half tank of gas – so the only thing you have to think about is where you’re going next.

Channel Your Power
An EPA-estimated 238 miles of range per full charge is incredible. You can optimize your range through a regenerative process, also known as the “regen effect,” which automatically helps the battery restore more electricity while driving. Here are a few techniques that allow you to control when and how you want to channel even more electricity to the battery:

Allows you to slow down without using the brake pedal while transferring energy back to the battery, and then converts that energy into electricity. It’s not magic. It’s just a simple pull of the Regen on Demand paddle on your steering wheel. And doing just that, helps optimize range. Of course, you must use your brake pedal if you need to stop immediately.

Allows you to speed up and slow down by using the accelerator pedal. It works something like this: Press your foot down to increase speed, just like you normally would. To slow down,
just lift your foot off the accelerator pedal. So, instead of losing energy when slowing down, One Pedal Driving helps you generate more energy to the battery. And it’s just one more reason to drive Bolt EV.

Custom Fit Charging

When it comes to charging, everything is centered around your driving needs. With plenty of charging options and personalized settings you can customize your charging times to fit your schedule, or even
your location.

You’re in Charge

With the available 240-volt charging unit (professional installation required), charging your Bolt EV is as easy as plugging in your cell phone. The available 240-volt charging unit provides more power and will charge your Bolt EV faster. The standard Location-Based Charging feature makes it easy to customize your charging settings when at home, and take advantage of public charging when away.

The Battery: Where It All Starts

You have places to go, and the Chevrolet Bolt EV makes it possible with a nickel-rich lithium-ion battery. Here’s how: The battery chemistry enhances heat resistance and a liquid cooling system helps manage its temperature when the outside climate varies. Plus, the battery pack has an energy capacity of 60 kWh – which allows you to travel an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range on a full charge.
And thanks to an innovative battery cell arrangement,
Bolt EV offers a low-profile underbody. This maximizes interior space for passengers and cargo. The centrally located battery pack provides an optimal center of gravity for excellent ride
and handling.

Customize And Control With Ease

By learning your every move, Bolt EV helps keep efficiency at its peak. Want to know how much energy you’ve used? There’s a screen for that. Valuable information like your battery levels, range estimation, charge settings and climate controls is readily available on the standard 10.2-inch diagonal center display screen and 8-inch diagonal driver cluster.

Big screen. Big-time technology.

If you feel like every detail of the interior was made just for you, it’s because it was. The interactive, standard 10.2-inch diagonal tablet-like display offers multi-functional screens that you control with simple, intuitive gestures. Split-screen and expanded views make it easy to navigate and access your music, contacts and more, while night and day modes provide enhanced visibility.

Bolt EV offers more advanced ways to connect. Apple 
CarPlay which is a smarter way to use your iPhone® to make calls, listen to music, get directions and more on the 10.2-inch diagonal display. Android Auto, allows you to connect your compatible smartphone to the tablet-like center display to access select apps, your calendar and playlists or navigate with Google Maps.

Overprotective. In A Good Way.

Helping protect you is an important job. And helping you prevent collisions is a big part of that. Bolt EV offers a number of ingenious radar- and camera-based systems designed around the vehicle – from front to back and on both sides. In other words – Bolt EV has the technology available that can help make driving safer.

Surround Vision

This available feature uses four strategically placed cameras to create a virtual bird’s-eye view of the vehicle. While maneuvering in low speed, all camera viewpoints seamlessly merge to transmit a clear side-by-side digital image to the large 10.2-inch diagonal screen, allowing you to see both the area behind and around you. Just by looking at one screen you get twice the view.

Rear Camera Mirror

This available innovative rearview mirror technology projects a wide-angle view of the area behind the vehicle in the inside rearview mirror. The mirror surface doubles as a video screen and provides the driver with a full, high-resolution view, without the obstruction of rear head restraints or rear-seat passengers. So you can make sure there’s nothing behind you but
a clear view.
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